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Even though Gobby is only three and Drew is about to turn one, I’m already contemplating them starting school. There a quite a few reasons why I feel that they should be redshirted.

1- Age. I would much rather them be a young 6 (or 7) than a young 4 (or 5). In one instance they are bringing up the back while in the other they are leading the pack. Plus, it makes more sense for them to graduate a little older (18/19) than at the age of 17. They would have to wait an entire year and a half before they could vote, be considered an adult.

2- Maturity. Boys tend to mature at a slower rate, and have a higher chance at being held back. Which would still be what I’m doing but there wouldn’t be a social stigma associated with it, “I started school at age 6 (or 7)” is a lot easier and prouder to say than, “I got held back in kindergarten (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) because I wasn’t physically, mentally, or socially ready.” I would know, I was held back in 1st grade because I was labeled as socially uncooperative (in reality, I just wanted to do my work on my own). With waiting to start formal schooling it gives my boys the opportunity to enjoy more of their childhood.

3- Emotional readiness. Even though my children are young, and I won’t know for sure but a way school officials show emotional readiness is by gauging how well the child handles being separated from parents for long periods of time, can manage own behavior (with the ability to be independent and self confident, has good manners, accepting others and their differences) as well as many other signs. All I can say is that Gobby has most of the emotional readiness signs looked for in a kindergartener, but I know that he would not be able to handle the curriculum. People tell me he will change, but then I have to defer back to #2- I want him to experience a real childhood.

4- Boredom. Some parents feel like kids being bored is a bad thing. I don’t. Also, the term boredom is not properly being used by today’s standards. Boredom does not mean the electronics are all being taken up and I don’t have one, or there is not a get together going on; boredom means there is positively nothing to do, you are locked in a 10’x10’x10′ white, padded room, and no window or door in a straight jacket. There are so many things for kids to do-go outside and be scientists, go to a museum and be a historian, go in the kitchen and be both a scientist/mathematician, read, or just think (a concept called reflection). When Gobby and Drew start school and are breezing through all the work, the teacher can give them something to challenge them, and give them a chance to entertain themselves in learning more.

These are just four reasons as to why we are going to redshirt our kids, what are your reasons for redshirting, or not redshirting? I would love to read your responses. Have a wonderful day! See you next time.