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Today was the first day of being fired. Yes, after working solidly for 2 1/2 years, I have been fired, let go, employment terminated. If you are shocked, don’t worry, so am I. There have been tears, laughs, and an emergency family budgeting meeting.

Officially, my employment ended yesterday, and after the fact I gave my husband the last $2 in my pocket to go buy me a Cookies n’ creme candy bar and a snapple, to help me wallow in my sorrows. It wasn’t enough and we had to dig into our laundry money to pay for these last things. I know the money could have been put to better use, I’m very irrational when upset. Finally, I decided that instead of spending money I would go running…50 minutes later and 4 miles of relief, I felt better.

Of course, I’m a little upset and worried about survival, but with that $1000 emergency fund in place by Dave Ramsey, we have possibly two months of worth of money to live on. That is two months, or less, for one of us to find a job. Good thing Ryan has a job interview in NV next Thursday. I will start looking Sunday morning.

Looking at my last pay stub I worked over 1,000 hours and made about $10,000 (from January-September). Last year (from January-December) I worked more hours for the same pay. I have a strong feeling that played a part in me being fired but I cannot prove it. I don’t blame the company because if they can hire someone to work for them for less money, because it is all about the bottom line, why not?

Instead of thinking this is the end of the world I am going to move forward and enjoy the time I have to sleep “normal” hours, not having to wake up at 11:30 every night to go work an eight hour shift and stay up the whole day. I will instead focus on graduating. I have less than a year to finish, June 2015. I will finish strong and overcome this obstacle because I am a fighter.