I’m sorry I haven’t kept up with my posting but I just haven’t had too much time. There seems to always be deadlines lurking around every corner waiting to jump at me and say, “Gottcha!!! You forgot all about me so now you pay the consequences!” Consequences being not becoming a teacher, or getting a zero on an assignment. But anyhow, this is my post.

This quarter I am taking an Assertive Behavior class. It is quite interesting, I am learning things about communication- how to tell another person what I am feeling and not push my own agenda and also accepting a no answer. Almost like tact. Is there a different in being assertive and having tact?

Finding a quandary is always an occurrence when learning new things. The current question is: When I don’t particularly care about a decision how do I communicate that to the other person? For example, Ryan asked me what I wanted to do with my in-laws yesterday. It didn’t matter what I chose because no matter what we did, they were coming, and we were going to be in close proximity either outside or inside. I guess I could not communicate that message very effectively.

A sign of an aggressive person is someone that controls the conversation during the dinner meal. I think that is quite interesting since if that happened, even growing up, if I did not talk there would not be conversation at all. It would be non-existent besides, “Could you pass the butter, please?” and “Thank-you” are just polite in any conversation.

So far my efforts to be assertive are going much better than I expected. All I had to do was learn how to think “1………2………3………..” Then speak after someone is finished. and use more feeling words. Those sound like girlish words but being forward, and honest are some traits that I am very prone to possessing in a negative way. Honesty is a blind curse.