Until something changes in our circumstances (Ryan gets this job, or I get a job) looks like all Ryan and I can do is be grateful for the blessings, and be prepared for the worse, and continue to move forward.

Part of the continue to move forward mantra is for me to focus on my getting my education certificate. Looking down the road it is going to be a long bumpy road, full of tears and endless nights, until that graduation ceremony happens. Thinking about it brings tears to my eyes right now, with how long and hard the road has already been. We can prevail through though.

Right now all it looks like is a bunch of dates, a never ending to-do list, and a lot of time-management obstacles, along with the difficulty of financially affording all these tests to take. I feel exhausted just thinking about all of that mess.

When everything was starting to become clear, I felt a sense of peace that things were going to be alright. I know that not matter what happens it is going to show our characters on how we handle difficult situations. 

When people ask me how I manage raising my two boys, going school, and working all at the same time. I always say, “One day at a time, working with what God gives me.” God has given me a wonderful support system (my husband, my in-laws, my dad, and all the generous people in the community, and the patient faculty/staff in both the school and in my work environment) that all help keep this family afloat one day at a time. 

To help myself I am now going to go cross a couple items off my never ending to-do list while I still have a couple hours at work to work on those things. The next big date for Ryan is January 25 (for his job interview) and the next big one for me is February 14 (for the final submission for my pre-session student teaching). Wish us luck! Thank-you!