Well…Ryan is off to Nevada to do some informational stuff (renew drivers license, get high school/college transcripts, etc.) for his job interview in about 10 days. Want to know what that means for Gobby, Rew and I?

No work, no school, no junk food!!!! All wonderful things to take advantage of while there is opportunity. I still have the boys all to myself and I get the opportunity to find out what Ryan goes through on a regular basis while I’m in classes all day having both boys. Let’s see how we do. So far it is interesting since Gobby wants to sit right in front of me while I’m typing and put his head right under my chin. I have gotten a few head to teeth incidents that have hurt like crazy but other than that so far so good.

Gobby, I think, is most excited about not having to sleep in his own bed tonight, he gets to stay with me and Rew the whole entire night!! Every morning he comes into our room and if he sees Ryan closest to the door he sleep on the floor, while if he sees me sleeping next to the door he climbs into bed with us.

Since Ryan is usually the one that is home with boys he has time to make dinner and since his cooking skills are limited in what he can cook, and his opposition to reading a recipe or making something with what we have (dump cooking) we eat a lot of junk food. So tonight I am making some non-junk food that I have been missing (garbanzo beans, bell peppers, brown rice, onion, and some cooked carrots)!

I hope that everything goes well with Ryan and his driving! Miss him like crazy when he is gone. But I keep telling myself he will be back by tomorrow afternoon.