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Today as I was getting out of class-which happens to be “Death and Dying”. I know. Wonderful. All we talk about is death. How depressing.

Everyone in the class was given a Coping assignment. Where we are to assess our coping strategies when faced with stress or stressful situations. The questions were such as:

These positive-

Listen to music (often/rarely/not at all)

Go Shopping with a friend (often/rarely/not at all)

Watch television, go to a movie (often/rarely/ not at all)


These are negative-

Become aggressive (often/rarely/ not at all)

Use negative self-talk (often/rarely/ not at all)

Yell at spouse, kids, or friends (often/rarely/ not at all)


What I found with my responses were that most of my responses were in extremes. In some situations when I am supremely stressed I either over eat or under eat. Does that ever happen to you? Where you are so stressed that you forget to eat, or don’t want to eat and then when you finally go eat, you eat yourself out of house and home?

Since I am constantly under stress either with my classes and taking tests, or Gobby and Rew getting sick, fights with Ryan because I’m stressed, or when I am working and getting emergency calls, my diet seems to fluctuate so much in how much I eat. Sometimes I go for so long without eating that when I finally hit the point where I am like “I need food NOW!” I am so mean to everyone, especially Ryan, that I am in tears with how hungry and how stressed I am.

Another extreme that I get into is jumping into a project and then becoming so interested in the project that when another stressor comes up I drop it mid way through and pick up another project and submerge into that one, pretty soon I have about 10 different projects going on at the same time and have no idea where I am in any of them.

I was talking with Ryan and the first thing he says that when I’m stressed is to get aggressive making a bigger deal out of the situation than I should or to stop talking to him and go to sleep.

People go to extremes in how they handle stressful situations and none of them are necessarily a good thing. What extremes do you go to in your life while dealing with stress? Do you spend all your money to make yourself feel better? Submerge yourself in a video game? Tell me about it. Have a nice day!