People either love or hate these visits.

My Mother-in-law (MIL) and her husband (FIL), I’ll call them Mo and G-Man because I don’t have permission to use their real names, came to visit us yesterday. We had about a week to prepare so it wasn’t too bad of a visit. We were not sweating bullets.

My in-laws are the type of people that I don’t think are generally judgmental and definitely try not to be rude. If they happen to see something out of place or think that our kitchen sink is messy with dirty dishes, they will take note of it, talk about it between them and if they really have an issue with it Mo will talk with Ryan about it. I know, I have it kind of lucky with them. There seem to be many different types of in-laws. The list I am going to name can include sister and brother in laws as well:

The No Shows- they never want to come see you, visit, call, write, or generally show up if they happen to pass through town on the way to some place. This even happens in same towns. Who knew you could live in the same populated area as your “family” and not know it?

The Drop Byers- These people will stop by whenever they feel like it, sometimes almost as if they are trying to catch you doing something illegal or worse-kissing. Dun dun DUN!!!

The Baby snatchers- they never actually want to talk to you about grownup things it is baby, baby, baby 24/7. Either they are wanting to take your baby on a walk to the park, or spend the night at their house. They almost will come into your house and take your child out from under you. Your a free agent to have some time with your spouse!

The Couch surfers-They NEVER LEAVE!!!! Enough said.

Judges- No matter what you do, how you do it, or intentions behind what you do- they do not like you. Nothing is ever good enough for them and their demands. If you have a single dirty dish in the sink-slob. Have less than $500 in the checking account-in poverty. Your brother or sister is in town-Adulterer!!!

Beggars- Every time you turn around they are asking for money, rides, food, place to stay (turn into couch surfers).

This is only a condensed version of the many different types of in-laws. Leave a comment down below on what type of in-laws you have, and if you can think of some more, please let me know and I’ll make an added version.

Since this was going to be the first time Mo and G-Man had seen little Rew (besides pictures) it was going to be an exciting meeting. He ended up being asleep so the most exciting thing that happened was Gobby showing off his trucks and how to put rocks in the dumping part. After eating lunch at a Chinese place down the hill from where we live (Mo and G-Man were generous enough to pay) we headed up the hill and took a four mile hike.

Yeah, we did it. Ryan and I took Mo and G-Man up to Inspiration Point for their visit with us. Most people don’t take their in-laws on a hike, but that’s what they wanted to do. Along the way Mo kept telling Gobby that if they lived up here they would be outside almost every day hiking these trails. I would have Baby Snatcher In-Laws then. I’m worried now. Not really, Gobby and Rew would have lots of fun and become a half-marathoners like my MIL in no time! I would have to say with my swimming skills, and Ryan and Mo’s love of running all we would have to do is get good at biking and maybe they could become triathloners (if that’s such a word)!!!

Leave a comment below and what type of in-laws you have! Plus, a positive (or negative) experience would be an added bonus!