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So…..my husband had started a blog of his own. It is quite interesting, since he is going to talk about a variety of topics that have happened throughout history. He is a very good writer and am looking forward to reading his stuff. I don’t know how serious he is about writing.

As I am working I am training a new person and she is picking up what to do really fast. Which is something that makes both me and my boss happy. We seem to have a high turnover rate at this job for some unknown reason. The only thing that isn’t quite nice about the job is the pay ($8.25 an hour starting out) and the hours (midnight to eight in the morning).

The reason why I don’t mind these hours is so that I can be with Gobby and Rew during the day and go to sleep with them at night, since they go to sleep at 6:00 P.M. We share a bed at this point in time. I absolutely love our routine.

Gobby and I (with Rew) will go to sleep at 6 and I will sleep/nurse until 11:30, be at work at midnight. Ryan will pick up Gobby and put him in his toddler bed, and put Rew in the swing when he goes to sleep. If I am working at 4:00 A.M. he will put Gobby in his toddler bed and leave Rew with me since I would still be nursing while we are asleep. It is awesome.

When I come home Gobby is always playing in our room with Rew and Ryan laying next to them, making sure Gobby isn’t “too loving” on Rew.

I know that Ryan would rather I be home at night while the boys are asleep but we are working with what we got.

Another exciting thing is that it is Thursday!! I don’t have classes this Thursday because my education teacher is going to some sort of conference in another area. Thus, letting me spend all day with my guys!! If that isn’t exciting, what is?

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