226ASP6179944780A few days ago I was celebrating that I had gotten an interview with a company I had applied for a job with around New Years Eve. I was super excited and always with a heart-a-flutter with excitement, as anyone who applied for a job and got an interview would be.

Turns out, after talking with a couple people that have worked there or are working there, that 1)Does not pay a minimum of $32,000 a year, 2)does not have benefits, and 3)would not pay overtime. Those are all very important qualifications in a job that I take.

Thus the verdict is: DENIED. Such a harsh thing to do. God shall put us where we need to be by opening and closing doors.

Even though my quest for a job is still in the works, there is a good possibility that Ryan is going to get a job. First he has to get a valid state driver’s license (I still have to get my license, come to speak of it) and pass the physical requirements of the job, before he gets an interview. But we should know by February 5 if he’s got it or not. Until then, we are content. 

If Ryan does get this job there are some questions that are going to need to be addressed, such as: Will we all go, or will Ryan commute back and forth while I get my teaching credentials? Since he hasn’t even passed the physical requirements for the job, it is too early to be thinking about answers to those questions. Fingers crossed.