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As I was getting up this morning. The emotion of compassion sees hard to teach to children because they are so self-centered. “Me” all day long. “My toy” “My food” etc. I thought back to the other night Ryan and I were talking and because the topic was very emotionally stressing to me, I started crying. Gobby immediately started wiping my tears away and said, “No cry”. Every time Rew cries there is always a pat on the stomach and an attempt to comfort him from Gobby.

These actions need to be cultivated, not suppressed. Compassion for the weaker man is something that can be argued that is not ingrained in us from the beginning because scientists say that it is taught and cannot be truly expressed until the age of three and a half (according to this study).


I would like to differ and present the idea that compassion is an ever-present ability that every child has. It starts in the home, with Ryan and I. It makes me very happy that part of the man I want Gobby to be when he grows up is starting to peak into view already. I pray we don’t mess it up.