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I am quite apprehensive about writing this but it seems to need to be said. Women seem to be given so many different mantras on looks.  You have to be skinny to model. Being fat is a bad thing. Then are told men love curves. No one wants to hug a stick. Bones hurt, you need some cushion for you man. Or like the above pictures express: REAL Men Love Curves.

How does that sound to someone that cannot gain weight, and does not have an eating disorder? Sounds like we are defective and can’t find someone to love because we don’t have “cushion” or “curves” to love on. It is very hurtful to read, “Men love Curves” in so many different ways by so many different people that it makes someone like me feel bad for being who I naturally am: skinny. If someone who was more self conscious there will be a development of a less common eating disorder- binge eating.

The start to being accepting of everyone no matter their size is to not present one as being better than the other. Throw the scale out and flaunt what you got, or don’t got and be proud. Men love women who are accepting and proud of their bodies – as said by Ryan.