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This afternoon, I got a call….it was from one of the places that I put in my application. When I got the call Ryan was playing Minecraft. Our system goes off our internet, it is called the MagicJack and it is amazing, it goes off the internet so wherever there is internet and a phone, just plug it in and viola-it works!!! While Ryan was freaking out about answering the phone to a number he didn’t recognize, I was making my lunch for the next work day. Finally, his panic went away and a very professional, yet kind voice specifically asked for me informing him that they have information about the job I had applied for while making the turkey on December 31. Heading toward the computer with dread on my face, I sat down to answer the call. 

Right as I said, “Hello, this is Jaklin. How may I assist you today?” She informed me that there was an emergency and needed to put me on hold. Since that is the name of the game with the job, I didn’t mind-hiring is not of big importance in emergency situations. Gobby decided that he wanted to sit in my lap and absolutely would not go with Ryan upstairs. This was one of those calls where focus is of the up-most importance so there was a little crying as Gobby was carried upstairs.

Finally, she got back to me. I was informed of when and where the orientation was to be held, what they were going to go over, and that if I was still interested in the job they would do interviews. She point blank told me, “If they like me I will need my Social Security Card, and an ID.”

As soon as we hung up, I started screaming in excitement, ran upstairs and hugged my guys and did the “I got an interview” dance. Ryan was so surprised.

Then I asked him, “What should I wear?” The response, “Wear whatever you want. You look good in everything”-Great answer, but that doesn’t help. I have only ever had one real job (taxes were taken out, was supposed to be someplace specific for a pre-designated number of hours, with a dress code-volunteering doesn’t really seem like a job to me)before so I was perplexed on what I was going look like and say to the interviewer.

There have been some people upset with our/my decision to put school on hold and pay down debts with a job. I’m sorry that you are disappointed, angry, frustrated in this decision but we are not financially secure right now. We are holding our nose above water. With one blow we would be drowning under a foot of water with our chains still keeping us down. 

I do not think putting school aside for my family is a mistake. Period. If I do things just for myself I am being selfish. Where does my family fit in? Ryan cannot find a job in the middle of college town nowhere. We cannot live on my income alone. I have wheedled  the budget down to the bare minimums and am very lucky to have overtime to cover us and put aside for emergencies. Without that emergency fund bubbles would have stopped floating to the surface long ago.

I have already told my bosses that I am looking at other jobs and they are more than understanding (to my face at least) about why I have to leave. 

When does family trump self? When does personal matters trump family? Just your thoughts and opinions.