This is a starry eyed tail of how we found arrears. At first we thought they were the bees knees ( a 1920’s saying) and were just perfect for us. They filled an immediate desire that needed to be filled at that exact moment: didn’t have the cash on hand to go to a restaurant instead of eating at home-charge it; need a car-sign a loan for it; need to go visit family-charge it; Gobby needs to go to the emergency room where they charge $11,000 to tell you there’s nothing you can do for it because it’s a viral infection- pay monthly but be happy because they saved your child’s’ life.

Those are just a few instances in which  we were absolutely “in love” with debts. Out biggest intimate relationship was with Student Loans. Oh my my they were so helpful to us they paid our rent, paid for school books, they even helped us go to school to better our situation. We are eternally grateful to them for what they have done. 

We were blind. Mistaken. Fooled. Lied to. We didn’t realize that debts are like drugs-once you start you have to fight like hell, and keep fighting to break the chains of addiction. Sure they help you with your credit score, but what is the credit score? It is an “I love debt sign” as Dave Ramsey calls it. He goes into specific details into how everything is broken down.


As I was going through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, I started reading more about other people that live debt free lives and how they got there. I also read other material such as “The Millionaire Next Door” by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko. I was blown away at how many live debt free. They are not encumbered by chains of monthly never ending payments to something that you can’t remember why you needed it in the end.

Right now we are currently in a $68,000 relationship that takes about 75% of our income (at this point in time). The majority of them Student Loans.

In this point in our lives we are looking for better paying jobs (Ryan is currently unemployed, and I am working 24-32 hours a week, on top of going to school and being a full time Mommy and Wife. You say stressed. That is me. I have hardly any time for the 5 letter word called “Sleep”. This is our steps to getting out of debt free and doing what’s best for our family.

1. Find better paying jobs. ($32,000 a year at least which is 3x what we are making now)

2. Move to where said jobs are.

3. Pay off debts one at a time and pay more whenever possible.

Majority of people are going to tell us that it is impossible to do that, there will always be debt, and there is good debt and bad debt, and it is a pipe dream. We are taking life one day at a time and will make this goal. We need support and not criticism. 

Like our motto is at the top of this page says “The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever our goal, you can get there if you’re willing to work”. We are going to work our butts off to get out of debt!

Stay with us as see our journey to the bottom!!!