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This morning as I was eating with Gobby (Rew and Ryan were sleeping still) I was comparing and contrasting what Gobby eats at different parts of the day, who is normally feeding him, and also where they eat. 

Whenever I get home in the morning (around 8:00) Ryan tells me that Gobby didn’t eat any of his breakfast, look around dried Raisin Bran is spilled on the floor with Ryan on the computer (he doesn’t eat breakfast). I prepare the same meal with milk in the bowl and it is gone in a matter of minutes, no fussing. There is of course the inevitable mess that accompanies ever meal. Ryan also doesn’t make oatmeal (we have old fashioned oats because they are healthier and more versatile than instant or pre-packaged) and I do. When I make it I add dried blueberries to it while we are sitting at the table (no sugar, or sweetener). The last a final meal that is possibly eaten for breakfast is toast with peanut butter and dried fruit-it is devoured. Won’t eat for breakfast by Gobby’s own choice- sugary cereal,  or eggs.

Lunch time, I try and make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with yogurt or leftovers. Ryan will make the same. Seems to be no problems.

Dinner time, he will eat rice, beans, enchiladas (from scratch), almost everything that I cook, which I am very pleased. When Ryan cooks it is almost laughable because it is normally processed- vegetables from a bag, meat, frozen easy meals. 

I know, I know. It is probably that he biased because I’m his mom or he doesn’t like things “mixed” or something like that but if I even add times that Gobby has eaten with other people. One of my neighbors is a vegan and we were over there for luper (the time between lunch and dinner 2:00) and he ate EVERYTHING (except the cucumber but there was only two pieces) and had seconds!! With the babysitters is was almost the same as with Ryan and they fed him stuff from the cafeteria and stuff from home.

Confused is an understatement because there are no complete food groups missing, but he won’t eat stuff that is prepackaged. 

Ryan and I also have an understanding that if Gobby doesn’t eat at breakfast, lunch or dinner time that he will have to wait until the next meal before he eats again. So we aren’t making a meal and then if he doesn’t eat it or won’t eat it, making macaroni and cheese, or toast with peanut butter just so that he has something to eat. Or waiting until everyone is finished and everything put away to decide to eat. Those do not fly at this house.  

I will eat almost anything (unclean meat is a no go), along with kiwi. Ryan won’t eat- tomatoes, oatmeal, bell peppers, bananas, homemade re-fried beans, jelly, eggs, pumpkin, and a few other things that I can’t think of right now. 

Is Gobby considered a “picky eater” even though he will refuse to eat based on where it came from or is that smart of him?