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We currently live in a two bedroom apartment that has no hookups for a washer or dryer. That means…..LAUNDROMAT!!! Most people groan about going because of a various of reasons: too loud, too crowded, no one speaks English, etc. I, on the other hand, find it a brand new place every time I walk through the doors.

When I go in, normally with a screaming child that wants to go frolic in the middle of the street, instead of stay on the side walk, pushing my double stroller carrying three to four baskets of laundry. I let Gobby help me find machines to do our laundry, load them with me, or if he is in a pouting mood I sit him down in a chair until I’m finished. Sometimes there are so many couples in there with one or two loads that I’m like “Couples Dating at the laundromat night, right on” or there is just one woman doing 15-20 loads of laundry by herself taking up all the machines, or the once in awhile days in which no one is there “Ghost Town laundromat”. There are other types of laundromat days that exist and I will cover those in other posts in the future. Just stick around.

Yesterday was a ‘Ghost Town Laundromat’ day. I wasn’t surprised since most people are sleeping off the hangover from the night before. While I was there I loaded all my laundry and then turned on the mind sucking black vortex that is called the television to zone out for two hours. It was amazing. It shows that National holidays are good for something other than people spending money they don’t have on things they don’t need.