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What is romance? Is it the thoughts, feelings, or actions that occur that are “romantic”?

My husband Ryan was very thoughtful yesterday. When I got home late after an 8 hour shift he didn’t complain that the baby was hungry, even though he really was. I didn’t even have to ask to take a short nap, he just got up and took a shower with our oldest Gobby, leaving me alone with Rew. I was happy and appreciative of what he did for me. Instead of thinking of himself and the lack of sleep that he got that night, he let me sleep instead.

When it was around noon (4 hours of sleep!!!) Ryan and Gobby come check up on me since Gobby was camped outside the door waiting for me to wake up. Patience is not the virtue of a two year old. They both got into bed and we had a nice hour long family cuddle. We had no rush and no worries.

After informing me that Gobby only had one diaper left, I did some quick calculations (New Year’s Day isn’t a very practical day to go shopping since the majority of stores are going to be closed) and we decided to go to the Target in Napa, and then for a treat we were to go to Taco Bell.

On the way down the hill this is our conversation:

“Is Costco open?”

“I don’t know, they are a lot nicer to their employers than Wal-Mart, and so probably got the day off. Do you want to go?”-Ryan worked for Wal-Mart for a couple months.

“You are the driver so it is your choice on where we go”. I really didn’t care where we went as long as we made sure to get diapers for Gobby.

Since it was up to Ryan, I think he was caught off guard with me not caring because normally instead of asking and taking “no” for an answer I would push and push and push until he gave into my demands or I would pout. I know very grown up of me. This was a big step for me. I genuinely didn’t care.

A few turns and a couple of songs later we were at the Costco parking lot. I thought that it was really considerate of Ryan to drive all the way to Fairfield AND he paid for the food from the store.

Ryan we even helpful to another person, stopping to get gas at the Costco pumps a woman was very confused on how to work the machine and he took the time to show her, and was very patient not showing frustration or anything (a good five minutes was spent with this person). It amazes me how patient he is with almost everyone. I am very lucky.

He had planned on going home and making spaghetti with marinara sauce for the family and at the last minute we pulled into Wendy’s. Instead of complaining and talking about the budget or about how we have food in the trunk of the car, I went with the flow. He opened the door for all of us, let me order for myself, and even didn’t tease me for being a dork in the ordering line.

When we got home I needed to nurse Rew, and Ryan let Gobby “help” carry some items inside, something that is a rare occurrence. Telling me that when Gobby goes to sleep to stay up and we will celebrate the New Year a little early.

Turns out Ryan had bought some Sparkling Apple Cider for us to celebrate, we even had some nice glasses to drink from.

All this sounds like a normal day. But is it? When one sees romance through the lenses that it is candlelight’s, fancy clothes, violin music wafting in from the background, or even fancy food. There is romance all around us. A simple touch. A smile. A kind word. All those things are romantic in nature. Let’s bring in the New Year with more romance, more patience, and more smiles.